So Where To Start?

SO! Why have I joined the community that is WordPress?

Well as a recent graduate with a Bachelors in Animation and Digital design I have spent three years rather far removed from writing. English was something I always loved studying but when it came time to choose what degree I would take, I lost confidence in my skills and decided to rely instead in my always sure fall back, ART!

As I progressed through my time at university, I realized that I was unique in my love affair with English. When it came to essay writing my classmates would groan and moan about having to write a hundred word review. I would relish these times and enjoyed gaining a new understanding of writing. At university I didn’t just have to study about how to put words together in an interesting way or even what a poet was meaning with their bizarre wording. We were given the chance to really delve into context, meaning and so much more!

One of my favorite classes was Media Methodologies: This class was all about how to truly read the media, to see how they can lock on to your subconscious and influence your thought without you being aware of it, even in the slightest. We would learn how they could do this through their wording, through colors, through the smallest of suggestions.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on this module and learnt a new way of writing and seeing the world. It was after this module the seed was planted into my brain they I may actually enjoy perusing it farther.

I then reached what most students might consider the most terrifying few months of their lives, the dissertation! I have to admit, I was daunted at first by the prospect, but once I had delved into the writing and researching process I soon began to sail along with it. Research was one thing which I was surprised to have loved so much. Previous to the dissertation module, I had not done research to such a deep level.

So yes, it is only now after graduation I am able to pursue writing. What I hope to do, is gain a better understanding of article type writing. I have few stories I am looking forward to writing and I can’t wait to get into it!

I hope you’ll enjoy my writing style as well as the articles I will produce.

If you have any ideas on articles, advice or possible careers in journalism, then please message me and let me know.

Feeling positive for the future!


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