Eyelash Reveiw

The lash extensions (false lashes) are featured in this pic.
The lash extensions (false lashes) are featured in this pic.

Lashes Lashes Lashes!

What can possibly add more va va voom to your look? Now I’m a girl who loves her make up and mascara is a must! I can barely leave my house with out it. So with this in mind I thought, well why not try lash extensions.

I’m aware of just how expensive these can be, but I decided to get them done on the cheap. Now I don’t know about you, but I am not a girl whose rolling in money. So teetering on my seat in a salon somewhere between Tooting Broadway and Tooting Bec, I awaited the beautician to have her way with my lashes. It seemed forever waiting, it was in fact almost two hour before I was seen. When I was eventually attended to to, I was presented with a box of individual false lashes. These were then applied to my eyelids just as you would at home.  At this point, I was rather dubious about the whole process and what it is I would be left with.

When I looked into the mirror, it’s safe to say that I wasn’t overwhelmed with the product. They almost went over my eyebrows and I experienced a new level of discomfort!

Once home, they were trimmed down to a believable size, blended with make up and the discomfort subsided. I was pretty pleased with them and for a while my morning makeup routine was blissfully easy. However eyeliner was always a must, as to hide the false lashes.

But then came the shedding… three weeks early! Eyelashes started falling out left, right and center. This resulted in me looking like some kind of lash leper!  This is definitely not the kind of look a girl wants. I ended up having to pull the lashes out myself and yes, this was a painful process!

To add to the whole experience, when I applied my mascara the next day my lashes looked so short and clumpy. It went on like this for two weeks. But with love and care I’ve managed to rescue my lashes and they’ve returned to normal!

I think the lesson to be learnt here is, either know and trust your salon, or just pay the pounds. £££


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