Garnier Olia Review

Hair Dye

I know when it comes to dying hair, people say you should stay away from home hair dying. Now I’ve never had a problem with it, in fact I would even say I’m a rather experienced ‘home hairdresser’. I would advise when doing highlights or going from brown to blond, then definitely take a trip down to your trusted salon. But for the simple stuff, I’d say a box dye is great.

A little background for you on my hair situation; I was a light brown for a long time, though let me say first that my hair was not bleached, just a normal light brown.

I then decided that I wanted to get back to my natural color, which is quite a dark brown. I trotted off to the store looking forward to getting back to my natural color. As I’m sure you have too, I had seen the Garnier Olia advertised a bunch on TV. It was forever stating that this was a better way to dye your hair, no ammonia  and other such statements. So with this in mind, I purchased this “revolutionary” home hair dye.

Now this review isn’t going to reveal anything too shocking, just disappointment with the product. To start, it has a bottle into which you are supposed to squeeze the developer and colorant into. However this bottle is an oval shape that you can’t really stand on a table. Instead you have to try and hold it up straight in plastic gloves, while squeezing these two other tubes into it. This is a dodgy process to say the least, unless you don’t mind dye going everywhere! The box does come with a slot which is apparently used to hold this oval bottle up… but it really doesn’t work.

The texture of the dye was not the best I’ve come across. It knotted in my hair and I found it difficult to spread evenly through. When washed out and dried, I was happy with the color. But then just one week later the color had all but washed out and I ended up with more of a light/medium brown. So yep, I was forced to redye my hair, which is twice in the space of two weeks! I know it’s not going to last forever, but one week, come guys!

This bit was my fault as I should have read the ingredients before buying the dye: You know how they were boasting about the dye having no ammonia, well that’s just because it has bleach instead. Now this is just personal preference, but I prefer ammonia to bleach.

I’m aware this might have been some weird one off, but over all I was not happy with the product. I would rather stick to the mouse type hair dyes, I find them so easy to use, to cover evenly and they’re yet to wash out of my hair in a week.


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