This Weeks Favorites!

I just wanted to talk about some beauty products which I have been using a lot and have been enjoying!


Garnier Ultimate Blends: This is both a frizz ease and shine serum as well as a heat protector. I love this product because it smells gorgeous and you really only need a small amount for it to cover your hair. It smooths out my hair and makes it really shiny on those frizzy days. I would say you do need to watch how much you put into your hair as it is an oily texture and can make your hair look a little greasy if used in excess.


Tony and Guy Volume Whip: I love love love this product, the texture is super light and creamy! As with the Ultimate Blends, you don’t need much for it to work. It even makes your hair feel soft and smooth afterwards! I don’t have any complaints about this product. I need to use quite a lot of product on my hair to give it volume. My usual routine is to combine this Volume Whip with a Mark Hill putty to add texture after my hair has been dried.


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