Inversion what!

Inversion method

Anyone else heard all the hype about this ‘inversion method? It would appear that beauty youtubers around the world have found the key to quick hair growth! This key is apparently called the inversion method. If you don’t know what it is, the inversion method is  where you message oil into your hair, then tip your head upside down and massage some more for around 4 minutes. You’re supposed to repeat this process for seven days and no more (just because your body will get used to it and the hair growth will stop). I think, the general idea is that the blood running to your head will help encourage your hair to grow faster. There are various claims as to how fast this method makes your hair grow, some even say an inch a week sometimes even two! However, I’m hesitant in believing such hair miracles are possible.

Well I decided to try it, even though it sounds a bit crazy. I’ll do the inversion method and monitor how much it does actually make my hair grow. My locks are somewhat growth resistant, they get to just below my collarbone and decide that’s it, that’s enough, we don’t want to grow any more! Maybe this will push my hair to work a bit harder in the length department.

I’ve decided to pick olive oil… yes that’s right, the very same stuff you cook with! I’ve picked this because it’s cheap, it’s easy and I want to see if it’s as good for your hair as what people say.

I will be posting updates on how the challenge is going for me, I’ll probably be posting these to youtube just so you can actually see what’s going on with my hair! To find out a bit more about these theories I’ll be doing some research, find people who know what they’re talking about and see what they are saying. I will be posting what facts and arguments I come across and see what people are finding with the inversion method and oil.

Here’s to good hair!


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