A Swamp Of Beauty Myths & Quick Fixes

Attempting to do some real research has proved difficult with the multitude of “I grew FIVE inches of hair in a day” type of articles; wading through all of this is both irritating and tiring. So instead I decided to see where this inversion method came from and though I still got many of the aforementioned ridiculous claims, I found at least some interesting facts.

“The first record of inversion therapy dates back to approximately 400 B.C. when Hippocrates used ropes and a harness to pull his patients upside down as a way of relieving back pain” (Freeman). Then in the 1960’s along came Dr Robert Martin who set about a quest to spread the word of inversion! He believed that the inversion method would help blood flow and relieve back pain, as well as other benefits. Dr Robert Martin was a “Californian osteopath, chiropractor and medical doctor” moreover he possessed a “marketable personality” (Inversion History). With these kind of specs, he was able to ignite Americas interest and belief in the inversion method, he went on to featuring in the Wall Street Journal and various talk shows.

However, it seems our little inversion theory wasn’t really seen as a hair treatment until the 1990’s, when Andy Bryant published a book called The Baldness Cure. He was convinced that it was the antidote, or at least an excellent treatment for hair loss. “Bryant readily admits that his method has not been placebo-trialed, but he did subject 70 of his clients to a clinical investigation” (John) His clients found their hair loss was vastly improved and in some cases, showing considerable growth over time. I have to say, although I love my youtube beauty videos, his book is far more plausible than every other Tara, Daisy and Harriet, declaring their proof of a thousand inches of growth in a week! He appeared to stay away from absurd claims and produced his own little study on his patients.

Now I’m aware that this is far from a conclusion, but I think this is all the wading I can handle for tonight. I hope my journey will become more successful in finding some validation for this inversion method, in terms or certified studies. Though I’m feeling uninspired by what they are calling “proof” on the internet when it comes to beauty myths and quick fixes.


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