What Luck… Is that Sarcasm?

So lets get this out there, I’ve been putting this article off due to my lack of successful research and week of interviews.

My quest to find proof as to whether this seemingly magical inversion method works or not has been nothing short of a complete disaster. I’ve hardly been able to find anything that even eludes to concrete evidence of this method really working. Perhaps it’s one big beauty conspiracy, a giant cover up, so that people will continue to slather their head in pricey drug store potions. Then on the other hand, it could be yet another Goldie locks myth.

Perhaps it’s just the disappointment that my 12 inch hair hasn’t reached 18 inches in a week. As according to so many beauty blogs out there, my hair should be past my butt by now! It’s true, I am a little disheartened however it’s not even that my hair hasn’t grown much, it’s more the lack of scientific validation and the fact that all the ‘evidence’ out there appears nothing more than hearsay.

Nonetheless, my hair experiment will continue next month for a week again as part of me thinks (hoping) the method may work over a longer period of time and I will continue looking into it more.

If you have had any luck with the inversion method, or in fact know of any supporting or disproving research/studies, then please pet me know. I am very interested!

Signing off!


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